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Cold February 07

After helping her to fake her death, Suzan makes arrangements for Nilufer to lay low for a while, but after everything that has happened, Nilufer is reluctant to leave Tarik. The Company arranges for the arrest of seven innocent men who they hope to force into signing false confessions that will tie them to the murder of Erdogan Coskun. Tahir Mutlu gathers a group of educators around him that will support him as he stands up to the charges made against him. Tarik and Semih become suspicious as all the details of Nilufer’s life turn out to be untrue. As Muzeyyen nears death, Ihsan confides to Yasemin how much he regrets all the time he spent away from home with his various causes. Tahir seeks legal representation from an old student who vows to help the men being wrongly held for questioning. As the men are brought before a judge, Mehmet Aziz gives Suzan the name of the Bookseller’s next target. Don’t miss any of the plot twists of this week’s intriguing chapter of “Cold February.”