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Cold February 35

Serdar’s students are traumatized after their arrival at Ihsan’s school is met by a horrific attack by members of the newly formed Selil and Sons. Riza is beside himself for the role he was forced to play in the attack and decides to take action. As part of a twisted new plan, Taskin alternates between attacks on Tahir’s people and his own hoping the public will believe Tahir is reacting violently. Ahmet is first on his list. Mehemet Aziz quickly realizes Selil and Sons needs to be watched closely to prevent things from spinning out of the Company’s control. Try as she might, Suzan can’t make Nedim agree to the two final hits she wants him to do. When she describes the terrible life she has in store for Elif if he doesn’t comply, Nedim is forced to reconsider. Can he save himself and Elif without adding to the blood already on his hands?